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14 apr 2016 if evidence exists that the athlete did take meldonium after 1 january and the test was taken before 1 march, ados will need to decide whether; buy meldonium online nz meldonium mail order. 14 apr 2016 maria sharapova still faces a hearing after testing positive for meldonium, despite the world anti-doping agency issuing fresh rules for athletes; 15 apr 2016 meldonium is responsible for the positive tests of russian world champion swimmer yulia efimova, as well as former tennis world no. 14 apr 2016 maria sharapova will still face a hearing after testing positive for meldonium, despite the world anti-doping agency;s (wada) renewing their; 14 apr 2016 maria sharapova tested positive for the drug at this year;s australian open after it was added to wada;s list of banned substances in january. 14 apr 2016 maria sharapova;s racket sponsor has criticised wada and called for an amnesty for genuine takers of meldonium. 14 apr 2016 mokhnyuk said she had been taking meldonium, usually prescribed as a heart drug, for medical reasons before it was banned on jan. 14 apr 2016 moscow, russia (afp) ; president vladimir putin defended thursday the use of the banned drug meldonium, saying athletes; use of the; 15 apr 2016 eduard vorganov is targeting his return to racing after it was announced earlier this week that some athletes who tested positive for meldonium; meldonium nz meldonium shipped from canada.